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About The Boho Pet.

Hi, I'm Erin.  I'm a passionate animal lover, professional pet photographer and modern macramé maker.

The Boho Pet started out of a desire to want to use my hands in a creative craft.  That creative craft being the art of macramé.  Macramé is a form of textile which is created using knotting techniques in a string of patterns (similar to the likes of knitting or crochet).  Macramé was wildly popular in the 1970's, but guess what.....it's making a big come back!

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Being a massive animal and dog lover, I wanted to design and create a quality handmade product for pet owners which means our dog's can always look their best.  A product which is unique, on-trend and allows for your pets to be full of character and style.

A lot of the inspiration for what I create comes from my own experiences having worked in the creative and pet industries for the past 10 years.  Not to mention my own dog, Peanut, who is a self proclaimed little princess and much of my inspiration also.   I've had Peanut since she was a puppy,  we have a very close bond and she is the love of my life.   I only ever want the best for her.

All of our products are uniquely handmade by myself in Melbourne, Australia.   I am passionate about the idea of being able to have and create something which is not mass manufactured and doesn’t use factories or cheap resources or labour.   I take pride in knowing I crafted and created something from scratch with my own two hands.

Erin King About The Boho Pet

Our Story

Erin King About The Boho Pet

The beginning (2019)

We know dogs! Our founder, Erin King is an award-winning pet photographer and knows first hand that your dog is a loved and valued member of your family. 

If you're anything like Erin, you take pride in your dog’s care and appearance, so our Boho Pet range is designed to create your own distinctive sense of style for your dog.

We all love to give our dogs the best and the best is handcrafted right here, infused with a bundle of boho love.

2019 - present

Since launching in 2019 we've received nothing but love and positive feedback for our product as being a very unique item which is thoughtfully and professionally crafted.

We've sent items all over the world - to the US, UK, Canada, Japan and New Zealand to be worn by many international dogs.

We're always expanding our unique range of threads and developing our products to create new boho styled fashion pieces for your pet.

We hope you love our product as much as we do!

"I work hard so my dog can have the best in life"