Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I pay with using my credit or debit card?

Yes absolutely.  All payments are processed through Paypal, so if you don't have a Paypal account you can select to pay using your credit card, otherwise Paypal account holders can also pay using your linked bank account or credit card.

What collar measurements do I provide?

You can either measure your dogs neck size, or their current collar size.

If measuring the neck, please make sure that the measurements provided are a snug fit around the circumference of your dogs neck.   This will be the size that the thread is made to and the 2 finger gap under the collar will be accounted for with the addition of the buckle (3-4cm).

If you are taking the measurement from a collar already sized to fit, please measure it when laying flat and as straight as possible (not when done up/attached) from the inside end of one buckle clip (from where the fabric starts) to the inside end of the other.

The collar will be made according to the thread/fabric length measurement (not including buckle).  Eg: if a 30cm measurement is provided, I will make the thread to this length and the total collar will be approx a 34cm once the buckle is taken into account.

See diagram below.

Macrame Collar sizing frequently asked questions

What if the size I buy doesn't fit?

Because these collars aren't adjustable you will need to measure your dogs neck or collar size and send this through at the time of ordering.  Unfortunately we cannot accept returns or refunds based on the size not being a correct fit.  Please note that each collar is custom handmade specifically for your order but because of the nature of the thread and the knotting techniques sometimes small variations in the sizing can occur

What if I have a dog who pulls on the lead?

If you have a dog who pulls on the lead when walking, depending on the thread you have chosen, some do already have a natural stretch and can stretch further when placed under pulling pressure.  If you purchase a lead with a twist design, this can stretch more than a plain design due to the variation in the knotting patterns.  Extensive pulling can result in the knotting pattern being stretched out of shape.

How long will it take to make my order?
You can expect your order to take 1 week to be handmade for you, at least 2 weeks for ombré products.  Once it is made it is safely packaged up and sent off to you at which point you will receive an email notification to advise you that it has been sent on it's way.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we would love our products to be worn by dogs all over the world! Your shipping rate is automatically calculated at checkout based on your location.  Please be aware that currently items being sent overseas can take up to a month to arrive. You are responsible for any customs charges for held items within your country of origin. If you have any queries about the shipping costs calculated at the checkout, please contact us direct.
How do I care for the product?

Because the items are made from cotton threads they can be washed.  We recommend you carefully hand wash these in cool or luke warm water, leaving to soak if necessary.  With ombré products, these may experience colour run when washed, be careful not to wash with other items and we recommend you place them to dry on a paper towel in case of additional dye run, out of direct sunlight.   The fray on bandanas can be combed out to tidy.

As the hardware is metal it can scratch easily.  If your dog is hard wearing on their products, this might be something to be mindful of.

The combination of thread and knotting techniques means the products are very robust and durable.  They will have a small amount of natural stretch, however shouldn't stretch out of shape or size unless you intentionally pull them in a manner to do so, or they have an excessive amount of pulling ie: if you have a strong pulling dog on lead.

I'd like to send my order as a gift, can you do gift wrapping?

We don't yet offer a gift wrapping service.  However we are more than happy to provide a personalised note for the recipient.

Any current discounts available?

We'd love to offer you 10% off your first order.  Please check out our subscription page for more information on how to redeem this.