Ombré Range

boho ombre dog bandanas

Ombré Range

Our Ombré Range is a custom hand made and hand dyed product.

The ombré colour effect is created by the blending of one colour hue to another to create a gradual gradient colour transition, which we think is very boho!

These items are all very unique and because they are dyed by hand there will always be variations which occur in the colouring and ombré effect.  While we try our best to create a consistent product and colour each time, each one will vary, with no two items being the same.  But this is what we love about them, they are each very individual.

Available In

Bandanas Small | Medium | Large
Collars Small | Medium | Large
Leads Plain | Twisted

Materials & Product Care

The threads used for our ombré range are premium cotton thread. The thread is  super soft, smooth and sustainable made of 100% recycled cotton.

Our threads have the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 which guarantees that the tested and certified yarn does not contain any harmful substances that are a danger to human health and environment.

We do use a few different thread types to suit the different products we offer:

Bandana's are created from a 3mm twisted thread.  It's super soft and malleable and gives the most amazing fringes and tasselled edge!
Leads are created from a 5mm braided cord.
Collars are created from a 3mm braided cord.

Please be aware that in the dyeing process the colour has been fixed, and the item has been through numerous rinse cycles, however we do warn that the colour could still bleed when you wash it for the first few times or if it gets wet.  Please try not to get the item wet while the dog is wearing it.

We recommend a cold or luke warm hand wash with gentle agitation.  Washing detergent can be used.  We don't recommend washing it in the washing machine or with any other items due to possible colour bleed.

The dye used is non-toxic.

blue ombre macrame bandana

Colour Options

We offer a variation of specific multiple colours in our ombré range, including bold double coloured looks and more subtle gradient colours.

Check out the colour options available below

  • Wild Amethyst: Sage green thread with purple ombré
  • Burnt Clay: A terracotta thread with purple ombré
  • Ocean Pearl: A pearl thread with blue ombré
  • Mulled Wine: A pearl thread with scarlet red ombrè
  • Seafoam: A natural thread with blue ombré
  • Sherbet: A natural thread with scarlet red ombré
handmade with love

What Our Customers Say

My girls both look so chic and stylish and full of fun. These are so well made and very unique right from each carefully made knot to the tiny embellished charms to accessorise. Thank you Erin for your great customer service and such lovely craftsmanship.
Sharon Tipping


Because this range is a custom hand made and hand dyed product it is labour intensive to create.

It gets made in colour batch runs with a specific number of each colour made available to purchase each dye run.  Dye run frequency will vary depending on demand and the supply availability.  Currently these will be fortnightly.

We will generally have stock on hand for these items, however if we need to create your item from scratch then this can take up to 2 weeks to prepare and make for you.

Ombré Dog Bandana
From $40
  • Style your dog with boho vibes.

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Ombré Dog Collar
From $50
  • Custom made to size

Ombré Dog Lead
  • Walking your dog never looked so good!
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